DKY Helps Power eRV2’s Ongoing Presence in Social Media and Traditional News, Part 3

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Since its debut in January 2023, Winnebago’s all-electric RV prototype, the eRV2, has sustained great interest among consumers and media alike. This final installment of our eRV2 series explains how social media influencer and media relations programs helped spark meaningful engagement and expand reach throughout the pilot program testing phase.

We started with gaining a deeper understanding of Winnebago’s strategic goals. There were two key learnings that shaped our strategies. First, they wanted to use this groundbreaking innovation to demonstrate that Winnebago is a technology leader. Second, they wanted to build interest among younger consumers, who may not have previously considered buying an RV.


DKY’s recommendation was to enlist social media influencers to drive the eRV2 over multiple days and document their travel experiences. The process included three key steps.

Step 1: Identify the Perfect Influencers

We needed to find influencers who would connect with Winnebago’s target audiences, help build awareness of the eRV2, and inspire interest in future ownership. To be authentic, it was critical to find influencers who reflected the values and promise of the eRV2. They had to be passionate about vanlife, outdoor adventure and sustainability, and have a following who felt the same way. Of course, they also needed strong reach and engagement rates across a range of targeted social channels.

We built a comprehensive database of potential influencers and ultimately gained alignment with Winnebago to pursue these four prospects: Gene and Shay, Abby Joselyn, Emily and Berty and Quin Gable.

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Step 2: Create Win-Win Partnerships

Next, DKY worked closely with Winnebago to scope the engagement, negotiate pricing, and secure contracts with each influencer. In addition to producing content on Instagram and Tik Tok, the influencers agreed to use the specific branded hashtags #eRV2, #eVANLIFE, and #Winnebago, as well as relevant social tags, including @winnebagorvs.

Clear objectives, social media expertise and adaptability helped to ensure a win-win negotiation and partnership between the brand and the influencers.

Step 3: Onboard for Success

DKY knows that a strong onboarding experience directly impacts the quality of  outcomes, so we provided hands-on support to the influencers from the start. The Onboarding Toolkit contained information, materials, and resources to make their experience as pleasant and turnkey as possible. It included:

  • A detailed FAQ about the eRV2
  • Fun Facts about Winnebago to inspire social content
  • Tips for all aspects of traveling with an electric RV
  • Ideas and maps for planning their respective routes
  • Guidance on using hashtags and social tags

DKY and Winnebago team members also met with each influencer before they hit the road to build a relationship, review the toolkit, and address any questions.

Powerful Results

The Influencer campaign was a great success, exceeding expectations, as evidenced by stellar qualitative and quantitative metrics. In fact, many of the influencers happily over-delivered due to excited responses from their followers. All four influencers helped generate positive attention and intrigue about the eRV2 during their respective trips through California and the Pacific Northwest. They posted multiple Instagram reels and stories, as well as Tik Tok videos.

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Qualitative Feedback

Influencer followers were blown away by the eRV2. Check out these responses.

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Quantitative Results

  • 1.2 million people reached
  • 3.2 million views
  • 160,000 engagements
  • 5,238 hours of TikTok playtime
  • 102 pieces of Influencer-generated social content


DKY started by aligning with Winnebago on four strategic areas to secure positive media coverage: electric vehicles; general automotive; outdoor lifestyle/consumer news; and the RV category. Our PR team then developed a two-pronged media relations strategy aimed at building awareness and interest in the eRV2 among target audiences across these four areas in the first half of 2023.

The first part of the campaign centered on the vehicle’s debut in January 2023 at the Tampa RV SuperShow. We secured exclusives with two top-tier publications before the show to help generate buzz, and drafted a press release for broad distribution. Following a concerted pitching effort to other targeted media, news about the eRV2 debut featured prominently in multiple print, broadcast and online outlets, generating nearly 2 billion impressions of favorable content in publications such as:

8 content publication logos

The second part of our media relations strategy centered on securing third-party endorsements from trusted media outlets in the four key areas: electric vehicles; general automotive; outdoor lifestyle; and the RV category. To achieve this, DKY created the “Premiere Media” program, which gave select publications from each of the target areas exclusive access to the eRV2 over several days. This program was a huge success.

Reporters from Car and Driver, Outside, Electrek and RV Magazine each drove the vehicle on their own through state and national parks throughout the spring, with free reign to document their experiences. Coverage that followed was overwhelmingly positive, helping to lay a solid foundation of awareness and intrigue for the vehicle’s future commercial launch. Car and Driver even featured the eRV2 in its annual “EV of the Year” edition—a 24-page spread highlighting the year’s best electric vehicles.

Check out the first and second posts in this series about the eRV2 for more details about the effort to help Winnebago promote the #eVANLIFE movement.

For more information on how DKY can provide creative and strategic support to help your next campaign break through, please contact us.

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