DKY Elevates Ground-Breaking Sneak Peek of Winnebago’s eRV2, Part 2

winnebago erv2 passenger side view

When Winnebago asked DKY to support the debut of its highly-anticipated electric RV prototype, the eRV2, we knew the work called for something truly unique and memorable—something that would generate excitement among target audiences and resonate with them long after the brand’s initial announcement.

By closely examining consumer and market research and working with the Winnebago team to understand target audiences and all the innovation built into this ground-breaking prototype, DKY developed key messages about the eRV2, its main features, benefits and technical details. These formed the basis for many creative elements of the campaign, including landing page content, social media strategy, videos and marketing materials.

Videos of the eRV2, released on paid and owned media channels leading up to the launch, helped start and sustain conversations about the new model. We created a brief teaser and a :30 second ad (seen above). These were both used in a paid media campaign to raise awareness and drive traffic to, where our audience could dive deeper into the inspiration behind the eRV2 and the brand’s vision for the future.

The heart of this campaign was the eRV2 prototype itself, which was quite literally kept under wraps in the effort to build buzz and attract a new generation of buyers. As a symbol of the future of RVing, the eRV2 called for a unique and striking exterior design—something that would stand out from Winnebago’s existing product lineup, while also underscoring its status as a prototype, rather than a commercial product.

DKY’s creative team conceived of enveloping the vehicle in images of national landmarks and favorite pastimes to reflect the lives of future potential owners–those who live in urban areas but seek to explore the outdoors with less environmental impact. If you look closely, you’ll see illustrations of working remotely on a beach; touring a winery; and visiting a national park. There’s even a nod to Winnebago’s hometown of Forest City, Iowa.

Mark Yaeger, an agency partner and talented artist, brought this idea to life through his playful and inspiring design. He created the first rendering on his iPad in about an hour.

man sketching the winnebago erv2 graphics on an ipad

With Winnebago onboard for the initial look, Mark expanded the design with more details.

Each side of the van depicted unique artwork of recognizable US landmarks spanning from the west coast to the east coast.

winnebago erv2 driver side sketches

winnebago erv2 passenger side sketches

For the final step before production, Mark drew intricate details for the front and rear of the coach.

winnebago erv2 front cab and rear sketches

The real-life version, out on the road today.

winnebago erv2 rear view while driving on a road

“Our team had the vision for something totally unique for Winnebago that couldn’t be duplicated—something that matched the significance of an electric RV debut,” said Executive Art Director and DKY Partner Mark Yaeger. “And now that vehicle is out on the road for field testing, traveling to the precise places imagined in the design, which makes this endeavor all the more gratifying.”

Stay tuned for part three of this series, where we’ll describe the media relations effort that helped affirm Winnebago’s industry leadership and pioneering role in the #eVANLIFE movement.

In the meantime, for more information on how DKY can provide creative and strategic support for your next campaign, please contact us.

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