B2B Team Escapades: On the Road to Learn and Serve

DKY team members in discussion during a meeting

es•ca•pades (noun) – an act involving excitement or adventure that is different from usual or expected behavior. 

Recently the DKY B2B team ventured above and beyond to find ways to challenge the status quo and utilize our creative skills.

In, what turned out to be a coincidence of timing, the DKY team traveled across the country in one week learning, networking, shooting video and photos, walking, running around, taking notes, sharing notes, organizing, walking more, running more, and rewriting scripts.

By breaking away from our ordinary routines, we gained insights and a better understanding of our clients and their industries, learned about competitors’ strategies, and explored opportunities for new ways of delivering exceptional results to our clients.

Here is a quick snapshot:

The Battery Show in Novi, MI: DKY joined forces with clients at The Battery Show, North America’s grandest gathering in advanced battery technology. With the electric vehicle revolution gaining momentum and numerous battery plants on the horizon, this is a big focus of our clients.

People walking around the One display at The Battery Show

FABTECH in Chicago: DKYers joined clients for an epic journey at FABTECH in Chicago. This massive industry event is the ultimate gathering for metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing. With 45,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibitors, it’s a melting pot of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, mining, and more. The insights gained here were invaluable.

two women posing for the camera at FABTECH

Display at FABTECH

Creative adventures in Charlotte, NC: From Chicago and Minneapolis on to Charlotte, a DKY crew assembled for a client video and photoshoot. Two action-packed days gathering b-roll footage, interviews, and photos will help tell important client stories in the days ahead.

people setting up equipment for photoshoot

In an age dominated by digital (and often virtual) communication, the value of face-to-face networking, continuous learning, inquisitiveness, and the quest to do things differently can be magic. These shared experiences result in more effective marketing teamwork, ignite curiosity and, in turn, empower us (the clients and agency) to achieve greater success so we can collectively ring the bell.

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