Marketing Must Reads for September 2017

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If you only have 15 minutes to catch up on the state of marketing, start with these.

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You could spend your whole day, every day trying to follow current marketing news and never get “up to speed.” We’re all busy, and we know the struggle to stay in-the-know is real.

A Cross Sectional View of This Month’s Marketing News

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked a few articles to save you time and add to your marketing awareness. If you only have 15 minutes to catch up on the state of marketing, start with these.

7 Social Media Fails to Avoid in 2017
Who knew ringing true in social media could be so difficult? As these seven examples prove, even big brands sometimes struggle to get the “easy” things right.

Ads are Killing the Web: Are You Part of the Problem?
This strongly-worded article is as insightful as it is divisive. Whatever your thoughts may be regarding the present health of digital advertising, this piece may give you something new to consider…and might also lead to an engaged staff discussion.

Why Microsites Aren’t Always Ideal for SEO
Before rushing to develop your brand’s next microsite, carefully weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes these satellite websites create more administrative headaches, analytics issues, and user troubles than the perceived benefits can justify.

Ranking #1 is Pointless — Here’s Why Your SEO Goal is Leads and Sales
The simplest truths aren’t always obvious. For anyone who’s struggled with keyword rank anxiety—or has counseled an executive with that obsession—this article has some supportive and reassuring advice. In short, how well your brand ranks for a handful of keywords is probably distracting you from what’s truly meaningful. There are far more important and reliable data worth watching closely.

Did We Miss a Good One?

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