Monthly Must Reads — August 2017

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Here are 5 need-to-know conversations happening in the marketing industry this month.

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You could spend your whole day—every day—reading about what’s happening in the world of marketing, and never get “up to speed.” When you factor in everything else competing for your time and attention, staying current with industry news often takes a back seat.

A Little Help, Please!

With that in mind, we’ve selected a few articles that might be particularly worth your time. If you only have 15 minutes for a handful of marketing stories this month, start with these.

Are Press Releases Still Good for SEO?
While the wording of this question, alone, is sure to ruffle the feathers of some digital marketers—were press releases ever really good for SEO?—this article addresses a topic that still needs to be understood in 2017. All marketers should be aware of how press releases were designed to work, what this means in a digital-first world, and what role (if any) they play in search engine optimization.

Why Direct Mail can be an Effective Way to Reach Millennials
Don’t count direct mail out of the race yet. The fact that “84% of Millennials take the time to look at their mail” is just the beginning. There are good reasons direct mail is still performing well, even with a generation some might not have expected.

4 Things We Can Learn from B2B Marketers Using Marketing Automation
Marketing automation’s rise to ubiquity has probably been most visible in the world of B2C digital marketing. So one could be forgiven for thinking that automation’s role in B2B was more limited. Not necessarily. The tactics, tools, and audiences may look different, but at least one big piece remains the same: personalized, one-to-one marketing is better than a broad shotgun approach.

You Need a Privacy Policy in 2017: Here’s How to Start
The days when your brand could be forgiven for omitting or neglecting a privacy policy have all but passed by now. In today’s digital world, there are several reasons why you should (or must) have a comprehensive privacy policy. And it’s not just about your website itself—any integrated tool that collects data from your site will require one, too.

Google is Helping Publishers Bust Annoying Ads
Leading with a statistic that shows “69 percent of people who installed ad blockers said they were motivated by annoying or intrusive ads,” this article also points out that web users don’t hate all ads. If you’re a publisher or digital marketer, this short post on Google’s “The Keyword” blog is worth two minutes of your day.

Did We Miss a Good One?

If you’ve read a helpful digital marketing article that’s worth sharing with our readers, let us know. You can submit it here on our website, or let us know on Twitter.

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