What Farmers Will Harvest from Our Work with ADM

Screenshots of ADM website

DKY is excited to use this new website to help ADM and their farm customers succeed and grow.

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With harvest around the corner, Wednesday, August 9 was an important day for the farmer services division of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). We went live with ADMadvantage.com, a new website in development at DKY for nearly a year.

ADMadvantage.com is designed to help ADM live up to its brand: Do right by the farmer. In this challenging farm economy, producers need clear information about ways to manage risk and get a workable price for their grain. Yet most sites about grain marketing are dry and academic.

Based on input from ADM representatives, we set out to make their major business hub different: conversational, clear, and easy-to-navigate—the farmer’s go-to resource for smart grain sales. It had to ring true of ADM’s culture: helpful, but never pushy. It had to be mobile, for farmers on the go with their smartphones and tablets. And it needed to start or deepen a relationship with the ADM representative in a farmer’s own hometown.

To serve these purposes, we built a responsive website with these sections and features:

  • Learn and Plan – A guide on grain marketing strategies by season
  • Grain Marketing – Descriptions of pricing models, with a searchable glossary and the ability to compare contracts
  • Performance Reports – Interactive, exportable charts on how contracts are doing in the market
  • News – Agribusiness headlines and our own monthly blog on risk management, with previous months archived
  • Tools – Links to best-in-class technology to help a farmer manage production and price risk

Special kudos to Donnie Potter, our Director of Interactive, who quarterbacked the many steps in production, and Naomi Long, our Art Director, who designed it. We truly enjoyed collaborating with ADM and our development partner Fjorge on this important communications asset. We are excited to use it to help ADM and their farm customers succeed and grow.

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