Monthly Must Reads — July 2017

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If you only have time for a handful of digital marketing stories in July, start with these.

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You could spend your whole day—every day—reading about what’s happening in the world of marketing, and never get “up to speed.” When you factor in everything else competing for your time and attention, staying current with industry news often takes a back seat.

A Little Help, Please!

With that in mind, we’ve selected a few articles that might be particularly worth your time. If you only have 15 minutes for a handful of marketing stories this month, start with these.

The 5 Stages of Martech
While one of the purposes of this article is to shill for the upcoming Boston MarTech conference, it neatly illustrates something a lot of us can relate to: the five stages of Martech, from denial to acceptance. Where are you on this journey?

Sing What You Mean
Shelly Palmer recounts the time when a mentor taught him to sing what he was trying to communicate, instead of leaning on the conventional methods that weren’t working. There’s a memorable lesson here for us marketers, too.

Google is Beta Testing a Brand New Google Search Console Design
If your brand has a website, someone should be at least periodically monitoring it with Google’s free Search Console. This tool helps digital marketers and administrators see more of what happens behind the curtains, and is especially valuable to SEO work. This news from Search Engine Land hints at a new and improved interface with screenshots to prove it.

4 Marketing Lessons I Learned from Building a Bustling Baseball Fan Community
Local content strategist and self-proclaimed Twins nerd Nick Nelson shares from his experience creating a thriving online fan community. One nugget of wisdom: “Too often do content creators try to dictate what users wish to consume. Too rarely do they consult the analytics and deeper metrics to let the readers tell them what they want.”

How to Define and Create Quality Content: Tips From 35+ Experts
This list from the Content Marketing Institute offers advice from more than 35 experts in the field, ranging from overarching wisdom to immediately actionable next steps.

Did We Miss a Good One?

If you’ve read a helpful digital marketing article that’s worth sharing with our readers, let us know. You can submit it here on our website, or let us know on Twitter.

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