Marketing Must Reads for November & December 2017

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Four hand-picked articles to save you time and increase your marketing awareness.

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You could spend your whole day, every day trying to follow current marketing news and never get “up to speed.” We’re all busy, and we know the struggle to stay in-the-know is real.

A 10,000-Foot View of Recent Marketing News

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked a few articles to save you time and increase your marketing awareness. If you only have 15 minutes to catch up on the state of marketing, start with these.

8 Ways to Create Thumb-Stopping Social Media Content
Social-savvy brands are trying to woo their share of the approximately two-and-a-half billion people who use these channels monthly. The MailChimp blog—which has a lot to offer beyond email marketing—suggests these actionable tips.

How to Live-Blog at Events for More Exposure
There are several benefits—online and in the material world—of live-blogging at an industry event. A recent article from the Social Media Examiner makes a good case this tactic, and gives some helpful advice for those brave enough to try.

Only 7% of People Actually Trust Google’s Featured Snippets
Astute Google users have noticed over the years that not every featured snippet is useful, and at least one study shows that we don’t always trust this result. Furthermore, there’s a rumor the search giant could allow the option to disable this type of result altogether.

Google Will Showcase Publishers with New Knowledge Panels
To better inform users about publishers they may not be familiar with, Google is rolling out new dedicated knowledge panels. These sections, which appear at the top of normal SERPs like other knowledge panels, will show “topics the publisher commonly covers, major awards the publisher has won, and claims the publisher has made that have been reviewed by third parties.”

Did We Miss a Good One?

If you’ve read a helpful digital marketing article that’s worth sharing with our readers, let us know. You can submit it here on our website, or let us know on Twitter.

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