Digital Marketing Myth #2: IT Can Do This

IT vs. digital marketing

Digital marketing and SEO are not the same as infrastructure maintenance or information technology.

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Today’s post is the second in a series of five. We’re taking apart some digital marketing myths that still linger in corners of every industry.

One myth that even big brands and enterprises occasionally still struggle with is the topic of this week’s installment.

“Our IT department can handle this for us.”
It’s true; your information technology department is more important  today than perhaps any other time in your company’s history. These dedicated professionals manage your network, protect your data, make sure you’re connected where and when you need to be, and generally make your work life infinitely better. We love them!

SEO (search engine optimization), however, is not the same as infrastructure maintenance or information technology.

Your marketing team and your IT department need to collaborate regularly. Be careful, however, to not mistake these two teams’ abilities as overlapping. Your SEO partner will undoubtedly need assistance from your IT department for a variety of things like:

  • Implementing 301 redirects during a website redesign
  • Changing website DNS settings
  • Creating a Cname alias

For requests like these, your digital marketing partner probably won’t have the access needed to “flip the switches” directly. That’s why we always value a healthy partnership with our client’s IT team. We also encourage our clients to see the value in having their marketing team do what marketing teams do best: focusing on critical disciplines like brand development, lead generation, sales support, and more.

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