A New, Modern Website for an Industry Leader

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There are many reasons a brand might consider overhauling its website. Maybe it’s time for a more modern design or a new user experience. Or maybe the brand wants to improve SEO results and boost conversion rates.

Whatever the reason, the time, effort, and cost of implementing those changes can feel daunting. But once the new website launches, it can put fresh wind in a brand’s sail and help lead to the ultimate win: increased sales.

DKY recently had the opportunity to help DVO, Inc., a leading environmental engineering brand, reimagine, redesign, and relaunch its website, giving it a digital presence that reflects its position in the market.

About DVO

Wisconsin-based DVO Inc. is at the forefront of environmental technology, specializing in the design of on-farm anaerobic digesters. These installations are pivotal in transforming organic waste into usable energy, helping to reduce farms’ environmental impact.

Over the past two decades, DVO has already helped design and install more than 170 digesters globally. Every day, DVO digesters process waste from more than 400,000 dairy cows, making a significant contribution to sustainable waste management in the agricultural sector. DVO also serves municipal organic waste treatment plants, as well as meat packing and dairy facilities, vegetable processors, and more.

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Proven But Undiscovered

When DVO approached DKY, the brand had been too quiet for an industry leader. They recognized their digital channels needed to do a better job at telling the DVO story and that relying on word-of-mouth leads risked slowing their continued growth.

DVO had already proven themselves as the market leader, but this wasn’t being effectively communicated to their key audiences. DKY was tasked with streamlining the user journey and making it easier for potential clients to understand the brand’s offerings and product benefits.

We set to work immediately, developing new creative to liven up the brand’s digital and content marketing, PR efforts, and events.

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First Things First: A New Website

In December 2023, much of our work during the past year culminated in the launch of a new, modern website that leverages the use of compelling copy, informative graphics, and intuitive design.

The new site better educates visitors, can help pre-qualify prospects, and is already generating new leads thanks to several key elements:

  • Refreshed brand design with new creative elements
  • Customer-centric information about DVO’s unique technologies, with a focus on their patented Two-Stage Linear Vortex™ anaerobic digester
  • A new customer testimonial video embedded on multiple pages that visually tells the DVO story
  • Navigation and site structure that cater to DVO’s three primary audiences, with information tailored for each group
  • The leveraging of SEO best practices to ensure that content can be better crawled, indexed, and served by Google and other search engines
  • More prominent and easy-to-navigate customer testimonials and case studies that support the brand’s credibility and market position
  • The transition to a modern content management system (CMS)—a significant and user-friendly upgrade

These efforts—representing the strategic alignment of content, design, and technology—help reinforce DVO’s industry leadership and connect the brand more effectively with its target audiences.

computer mockups with the DVO website on the screens

To see the new website, visit dvoinc.com.

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