The 5 Most Read DKY Articles in 2018

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We’ve tallied the data and have a list of DKY’s five most read articles of the past year.

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The Clicks Have Spoken, Part II

It’s already 2019, and time again to take inventory of last year’s content strategy. We help our clients closely monitor the performance of their content, and it’s something we do for ourselves, too. In light of this, we’ve tallied the data and have a list of DKY’s five most read articles of the past year.

And the Winners Are…

Following is the brand and digital marketing content our readers found the most useful last year. While not all five were published in 2018, these articles ended up being our most read—and Googled—blog posts of the year.

#1—Brand Strategy: Branded House vs. House of Brands
From the article: “Let your business plan be your guide. Brands that Ring True need to connect with their target audiences deeply. They need to communicate and deliver value. They need to offer something that is both important and differentiated.”

#2—Brand Strategy: Leader vs. Challenger
From the article: “To help you consider what this means for your brand and business, here is a brief overview of three brand voices that are likely in your competitive set: the Leader, the Follower, and the Challenger.”

#3—How Farmers Are Using Digital Content Today (With Statistics)
From the article: “44% of farmers in a recent study said they watch videos to acquire information on products and services for their farm.”

#4—The Best Collaborative Writing Tool You’ve Never Heard Of: A Review of Draft
From the article: “It feels natural: original copy on the left, edits in the middle, accepted/new version on the right. One look at the layout and most users will instantly get it.”

#5—The Problem With Product-Centric Marketing
From the article: “The difference between product-centric and customer-centric brand marketing may seem like semantics, but this subtle shift in thinking can make a profound difference.”

These Were the Hits, But What Did We Miss?

We’re pleased whenever our content is able to resonate with readers. But we’re always interested to know what new topics are on the minds of our clients and colleagues. If you have suggestions or tips, let us know. You can submit it here on our website, or let us know on Twitter.

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