Marketing Must Reads for October 2017

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Here are 4 short articles to give you a 10,000-Foot view of marketing news in October 2017.

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You could spend your whole day—every day—trying to follow breaking marketing news and never get “up to speed.” We’re all busy, and we know the struggle to always be in-the-know is real.

A 10,000-Foot View of This Month’s Marketing News

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked a few articles to save you time and add to your marketing awareness. If you only have 15 minutes to catch up on the state of marketing, start with these.

The Smart (and Not-So-Smart) Ways to Use Vanity Metrics
Beware the dangers of focusing on your content’s number of impressions, likes, shares, comments, followers, open rates, etc. All platforms supply them, but these vanity metrics can distract you from what matters even more: ROI and value to your brand.

The Two Most Important Stats from the 2018 B2B Content Marketing Research Report
It might surprise you that 92% of the top-performing B2B content marketing programs say they’re more focused on this one thing than simply stuffing a pipeline with new leads.

How HubSpot Used the Pillar-Cluster Model to Transform Their Blog
Perhaps the biggest advocate for, and most influential voice of, the pillar and cluster model, HubSpot explains how they used the method to overhaul their own content structure. With thousands of blog posts to re-organize, it was no small undertaking.

9 Reasons You Might Need to Rethink Your SEO Approach
Professionals I talk with outside the digital marketing field are usually quick to acknowledge a lack of understanding of how SEO works. But they often claim to know this one thing about it: SEO is always changing. And they’re mostly right. But what kinds of ranking tactics can we all agree have changed in the past few years?

Did We Miss a Good One?

If you’ve read a helpful digital marketing article that’s worth sharing with our readers, let us know. You can submit it here on our website, or let us know on Twitter.

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