Monthly Must Reads—April 2017

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If you only have time for a few digital marketing stories this month, start with these.

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You could spend your whole day—every day—reading about what’s happening in the world of digital marketing, and never get “up to speed.” When you factor in everything else competing for your time and attention, staying current with industry news often takes a back seat.

A Little Help, Please!

With that in mind, we’ve handpicked some articles worth a few minutes of your downtime. If you only have time for a handful of digital marketing stories this month, start with these.

Is Your Content Working?
Marketing Land suggests a method—by working through the stages of governance, engagement, velocity, and conversion rates—to measure how effective your content strategy really is.

8 How-To Videos You Can Learn From
How-to videos can be a powerful help for your customers, and a boon to your brand. This article by HubSpot cites eight of their favorite examples, with tips and reasons mixed in.

Removing Fake Google Reviews
While sometimes dismissed as being relevant only to retailers, every brand must consider the influence of online customer reviews. Whether you’re currently deciding how to respond to a fake review on Google, or just want to be prepared for the possibility of one, this article has some advice for managing these situations.

Half the Results on Google’s First Page are Now Secure
The move to secure websites has steadily grown, and the HTTPS protocol that used to be the exception is now far more commonplace. And, while Google claims it is not currently rewarding secure sites with better ranking over their non-HTTPS competitors, there are other valuable reasons to go secure. Have you?

Did We Miss a Good One?

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