Mobile Matters: No More Excuses

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Starting in April, Google will begin using mobile-friendly (or unfriendly) design as a factor in the ranking of webpages.

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The fact that having a mobile-friendly website is good for your users—and by extension, good for your business—isn’t news. Thanks to a constant drip of blog posts, case studies, and warnings over the past several years, no website owner can claim ignorance on this topic in 2015. We all get that this is important.

Of course, knowing something’s important isn’t enough, and too many businesses have been neglecting this part of their marketing for too long. And yes, your website is part of your marketing strategy.

However, with the announcement of Google’s looming “mobilegeddon,” we expect to see the rate of mobile implementation by businesses of all sizes pick up with greater intensity and urgency in the coming months.

Why? For one thing, Google has warned that, effective April 21, 2015, the search engine will begin using mobile-friendly (or unfriendly) design as a factor in the ranking of webpages. In our age, falling out of favor with Google is kind of a big deal, and happens to be one of those things that gets the attention of marketing departments.

In other words, if you’ve already prepared for something like this, you and your mobile-friendly website now have one more marketing advantage over your slow-to-adapt competitor.

But What if I Haven’t Prepared for This?
Fortunately, if you own or manage a website, you don’t have to stumble blindly into the reality of a mobile-first world. There are a myriad of online tools that can help you view your website the way Google sees it, and many of those resources can identify the specific hurdles keeping you from being truly mobile-friendly.

Mobile is Huge, But it’s Not Everything
No matter where you are with your website, mobile-friendly or not, DKY is positioned to help your brand reach the next level. Our team offers decades of marketing and advertising experience in several key channels, digital marketing among them. If you’re ready to learn more, let’s talk.

Try Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool to check your own site

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