Backyard Bistros: Where There’s Smoke There’s Flavor

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Backyard Bistros

The Lowdown

Entrepreneur Ken Gardner had a dream. A barbeque dream. The wood pellet grill business was about to disrupt the charcoal vs. gas debate with a compelling new option: the wood pellet smoker grill. He had an agreement with Memphis Woodfire Grills as a new dealer but needed a brand for his dealership to start selling. So Ken called his friends at DKY. 

Fun Fact

Ken is a born salesman. He knows how to connect with his audience. To get DKY excited about helping him build his new business, he rolled into our parking lot one morning and fired up a Memphis grill. The woodfire goodness wafted through the agency for a few hours – followed by a delicious lunch featuring his top chicken recipe. BAM! We were all in.

memphis grill

Preparing for Five-Star Flavor

Like with a great meal, planning is key to success. The DKY team jumped to clarify the value position and sample competitive options. Next, we built a Creative Brief and launch strategy to guide our approach. Then with all the strategic ingredients in place, we started cooking up ideas for the brand.

Backyard Bistros t-shirt and coaster mockup

How We Did It

Like a pop-up restaurant, the DKY team worked with Ken to bring the concept to market quickly. The winning name for the brand was Backyard Bistros, and the brand marketing package we served up included:

  • Logo design and brand standards
  • Branded collateral system
  • E-commerce website
  • Social media channel setup and content
  • Event marketing elements for consumer shows
  • Branded swag – t-shirts, coasters, etc.

Backyard bistro one-pagers
Backyard bistro website and facebook ads
Backyard bistro stationary

Why It Mattered

Backyard Bistros made a big impression. Memphis Woodfire Grills is a premium brand in the space, and Backyard Bistros raised the bar as a premium dealer. The business didn’t last the test of time, but for good reason. Memphis was so impressed with owner Ken Gardner’s professionalism in bringing Backyard Bistros to market, that they recruited him to join Memphis as a regional sales manager. That’s a client win as far as DKY is concerned!

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