IncredaBowl: Incentivizing Sales with Ten Frames of Fun

Close up of bowling balls and the IncredaBowl logo




The Lowdown

DKY was tasked to help create a new internal sales incentive program for Cargill’s grain advisory service CAMS. 

Fun Fact

The video and photography for the fictitious IncredaBowl were shot at Lariat Lanes a few blocks south of DKY’s former office in South Minneapolis. It was an awesome venue that several years later was torn down for redevelopment. We are glad to preserve the Lariat Lanes vibe in DKY’s history.

Man standing in front of bowling lanes and a close up shot of bowling shoes

Why We Did It

The CAMS advisors – Personal Marketing Managers (PMMs) were tasked with building their book of business while serving clients at a high level with sound grain marketing advice. Jason, the VP and Leader of the CAMS program, laid out a growth plan and wanted a fun and motivational way to track and incentivize progress with his team.

How We Did It

DKY created a fictitious bowling league and venue – the IncredaBowl – where players (PMMs) would compete in a 10-frame competition. The IncredaBowl design had a cool, retro vibe. Bowling kits were designed and produced to explain the sales program and get the team excited and unified. 

IncredaBowl brochure, bowling kit, and mug

What We Did

  • Creative Brief
  • Concepting
  • Identity Design
  • Kit: Bag, Bag Tag, Patch, Bowling Stress Balls, Beer Mug, Brochure
  • Website
  • Video Series

mockups of IncredaBowl website

Why It Mattered

The IncredaBowl was a huge hit with the team. It brought focus and camaraderie around the task at hand and helped raise the profile of the CAMS service offering – with customers and the full Cargill producer services team. 

What We Remember Most

“For the record, I think this thing is great. I am absolutely giddy! Thanks, DKY!”

– Jason, VP, Product Line Leader

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