DKY Supports Reveal of Winnebago Industries’ Electric RV at Florida RV Super Show

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DKY supported Winnebago in unveiling its first ever all-electric, zero-emission RV concept—known as the e-RV—at the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa.

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It’s well known that electric vehicles (EV) have been gaining significant momentum in recent years, spurred by increasing consumer interest, technology innovation and shared goals among automotive manufacturers to reduce fossil fuel emissions. Currently, almost every major automotive brand produces an EV. Winnebago will soon be among them as well.

In fact, DKY was honored to support Winnebago Industries’ Advanced Technology Group (ATG) in unveiling its first ever all-electric, zero-emission RV concept—known as the e-RV—at the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa earlier this year. Established in 2019, ATG develops emerging technologies for application in future products and services throughout the company’s business units. 

The Tampa RV Super Show was an ideal venue for revealing Winnebago Industries groundbreaking new concept because of the built-in live audience of RV enthusiasts. A simultaneous Facebook live event meant we could reach even more people with the big news.

DKY worked closely with ATG and other agency partners during the past year to bring the concept to the public. 


DKY’s work began with an effort to build awareness and support among internal stakeholders for the new electric RV. By documenting every step of the ATG Group’s creation and refinement of the new concept, we were well-equipped to develop multiple internal-facing communications describing the e-RV, its technology and the target market. Specifically, we helped to:

  • Conceive the concept’s name: the e-RV
  • Develop positioning statements and key messages
  • Provide insights into target audiences 
  • Create multiple brochures and other materials featuring various branding options
  • Produce a video for Winnebago Industries Board of Directors

Tampa e-RV Reveal

DKY was also heavily involved in the unveiling of the e-RV at the RV Super Show. Our responsibilities centered on building awareness of the e-RV benefits and features, as well as the ATG brand itself. We helped to:

  • Develop a comprehensive display strategy that included attention-grabbing posters, windfeathers, corner pillars, and large pull-up banners
  • Produce the Facebook Live event, for which we wrote the script, set up the stage, and managed sound and other technical work
  • Create supporting elements, such as postcards, T-shirts and other consumer take-aways to inspire continued interest in the e-RV

More information about the e-RV and unveiling event is detailed in Winnebago Industries official announcement.

Working on the e-RV reveal was gratifying for many reasons, chief among which was the close coordination with the Winnebago Industries team from the project’s inception. 

Winnebago Industries Director of Corporate Relations Chad Reece appreciates the collaborative relationship with DKY, too, noting, “DKY consistently delivers expert marketing support. They are always reliable, organized and professional, and bring new and creative ideas to the table every time.”

DKY has deep experience in helping clients launch new products with a strategic omnichannel approach. Please contact us to learn more about how we can build and sustain momentum for your products as well.

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