January 2021

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Experts Agree on Secret to Long Memory | Social Listening Guides Marketing Strategy | 2021 Awards Season’s Brand Winners

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Join us each month for a roundup of creative and marketing content that caught our team’s attention. We’ll provide a short summary of the findings and a link for more information straight from the sources. Our goal is to bring you entertaining and helpful news, insights and visuals that may inspire you to try a new tactic or approach your work in a different way.

Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and a Neuropsychologist All Agree This Is the Secret to Having an Exceptional Memory

Source: Inc. Shared by: Donnie Potter, VP of Interactive

“Passion supercharges your memory.” This quote from the article sums up the secret to not only remembering things that are important to you, but it enhances your ability to learn. Going through the motions doesn’t sufficiently jog our memory or leave a sustainable mark. If you follow your heart and truly enjoy the subject you’re learning about, its impression will be felt for years.

How does this article relate to your day-to-day work?

I’m a busy-body and get restless when my days are repetitive. I have always looked for ways to challenge myself and explore new things. I had no idea there was a scientific reason that the knowledge that I have most easily retained is based on the things that I am most passionate about in my life. Whether it’s trying to find an elegant, creative solution to a complex problem at work, enjoying a hobby, or learning a new skill, it has always been important to me to see what’s just around the bend and let my heart guide the way.

Why Social Listening Guides the Marketing Strategy for a Media Management Platform

Source: AdAge Shared by: Hayley Monsma, Production Artist

This interesting article looks at how to curate content based on the social platform as well as the target market. Hitting both of those notes should create a more attainable brand identity and increase brand awareness on a human relational level.

How does this article relate to your day-to-day work?

Social media is the wild west of the 21st century. Utilizing it in a more personal manner may open up more opportunities for brands as they become more relatable to their consumer base. I am really looking forward to seeing how Social Media continues to make an impact in marketing dynamics.

How to Turn Your Brand into a Big Winner in the 2021 Award Season

Source: AdAge Shared by: Matthew Sweet, Account Executive

The way people are engaging with one another during sporting and other entertainment events has drastically changed since the pandemic started. People are connecting virtually (on social media or otherwise) for events that would typically be in person and it is opening up a whole new approach for brands to reach consumers. Brands should rethink traditional advertising methods for upcoming large events like the Super Bowl and awards season.

How does this article inspire your day-to-day work?

This article inspires my day-to-day work because as the times and circumstances continue to change, so should the way we are thinking about marketing. We need to constantly evolve our marketing strategies and look for new and different ways to reach consumers as traditional methods may not be as effective during this time.

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