December 2020

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The Other Pandemic | Biden Needs PR Blitz to Beat Virus | Elon Musk: Immune to Criticism

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Join us each month for a roundup of creative and marketing content that caught our team’s attention. We’ll provide a short summary of the findings and a link for more information straight from the sources. Our goal is to bring you entertaining and helpful news, insights and visuals that may inspire you to try a new tactic or approach your work in a different way.

The Other Pandemic

Shared by: DKY Team Member

A white paper was recently released by AdAge and co-sponsored by anti-fraud company, Spider Labs. The report stated that online ad fraud is stealing 20% ($66 billion) in global online ad spending. The report states, “the digital domain overall has seen a marked increase in fraud since the Coronavirus first emerged … Along with the rise in scams like ransom-ware, trojan viruses and malware, ad fraud has also spiked dramatically.”

How does this article inspire your day-to-day work?

The article from AdAge makes me want to be extra vigilant for our clients.

Op-ed: Biden needs PR blitz to beat virus

Shared by: Katie Fitzpatrick, Director of Content & Public Relations

This opinion editorial calls for a coordinated COVID-19 public education campaign under the new administration. Based on other historical events, the author recommends forming a temporary, in-house communications agency that would closely coordinate messaging with the CDC, FDA and other expert bodies to better educate the public about the virus, its impact, distribution of the vaccine and other important information.

How does this article relate to your day-to-day work?

The goal of every communicator is to educate or drive action on different issues. It’s interesting and insightful to read about large-scale communications campaigns and the strategies used to reach different audiences.

Elon Musk appears immune to criticism as Tesla ignores the media

Shared by: Kendall Bird, Social Media Manager

Tesla relied on traditional media relations early on to launch awareness of new vehicle models and other company news. As the brand has grown and gained momentum, Tesla’s leader is moving away from traditional communications channels. Moving solely to social media without building relationships with reporters is a risky move. It’s best to take an integrated channel approach and build meaningful third-party relationships and partnerships across multiple mediums.

How does this article relate to your day-to-day work?

As communicators, the article reminds us that planned and prepped communications plans are important for consistent and effective messaging and actions at the corporate and executive levels. Also building strong relationships with reporters, influencers and partners naturally builds goodwill and a strong reputation.


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