November 2020

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Our Pandemic Snacking Behavior | Throwing Up On a Client | Pandemic-Inspired Art

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Join us each month for a roundup of creative and marketing content that caught our team’s attention. We’ll provide a short summary of the findings and a link for more information straight from the sources. Our goal is to bring you entertaining and helpful news, insights and visuals that may inspire you to try a new tactic or approach your work in a different way.

Our Pandemic Snacking Behavior Shows the Great Appetite for Connection

Shared by: Brynn Daniels, Account Manager

Seven in 10 adults say they are snacking the same or more than before the pandemic. Not only do they provide a boost, reward, or fuel as we power through the work-from-home day or home-school our kids, but WHEN we are snacking is what is the key here. According to a contributed article to Adweek, people are choosing to deliberately use their snack-times as moments of me-time to balance their day or as a moment of community to connect with their partner or family, who may also be working or learning from home. Snacking is an avenue of connection – a reminder to us that we need to continue to create that through our brands.

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This article originally caught my eye because…well…SNACKS…but it shares a reminder for something much deeper we need to remember as marketers – people have an appetite for connection and community that we need to embrace even as the pandemic continues.

Lessons From the Time I Threw Up on My Client

Shared by: Mike Dobies, Executive Creative Director

An owner of an agency shares the story of a time when he threw up on a client. Literally. He talks about breaking down the shield to make a true connection and what happened as a result of his incredibly embarrassing moment told in a personal account published by Muse.

How does this article relate to your day-to-day work?

DKY cares about its clients. Relationships matter. And life is short, so let’s have fun working together. I hope what happened to this agency owner never happens to me–or really to one of our clients. I’m very thankful to not have barriers that prevent DKY from having working relationships with our clients that are both professional and fun.

Quarantine Projects Curate Pandemic-Inspired Art

Shared by: Hayley Monsma, Production Artist

“Today, thanks to the internet, we’re not so alone during our lives in lockdown. Numerous international art projects are harnessing the crowdsourcing power of the internet to curate art about life in quarantine,” according to a piece by The World, a public radio program that tells global stories.

How does this article inspire your day-to-day work?

It’s really interesting to see what the pandemic and global quarantine has unearthed in the art world. Throw in our ever-changing technological advances and artists are finding innovative ways to create and share art. It’s an inspiration.

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