August 2020

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Team Building | Returning to School

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10 Virtual Team Building Activities to Build Stronger Teams

With no end in sight to the 2020 work-from-home routine, we need to be diligent in maintaining camaraderie with our coworkers to stay out of a  rut and ultimately to continue serving each other and our clients well. This article shares helpful and creative tips for staying connected with your colleagues, such as maintaining small talk, learning about others’ home office environments, or prepping for the next workday over an e-cup of coffee. The author even suggests out-of-the-box ideas like virtual team campfires. Fun, but maybe not for everyone.

Build a stronger team with these 10 virtual team building activities.

Shared by: Heidi Pfau, Account Supervisor

Schools Work to Create Clear Communications Plans for Return

School districts across the country have faced difficult decisions leading up to the start of the 2020-2021 school year. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, school administrators have been tasked with developing different scenarios for safe student learning, and communications teams are playing a critical role in getting the word out to keep staff, students, families and the community informed of ever-changing plans. This article offers tips for creating a clear communications strategy for the onset of the academic year. These guidelines can be applied to any industry facing a crisis or uncharted territory. The education field is simply front and center right now, and we’re all watching. 

Learn more about how schools are communicating their plans for return.

Shared by: Katie Fitzpatrick, Director of Content and Public Relations

The Best Virtual Team Building Activities—According to Real Remote Workers

Due to all of the complications and restrictions brought on by COVID-19, team building has become more difficult and team dynamics have changed dramatically over the last year. Employees who used to have a typical nine-to-five are now working from home and shaping their own schedules. Even so, reduced in-person interaction can break down communication within a team. This article outlines a few ways to re-implement team building from virtual lunches to collaborative playlists to learning circles to .gif battles to strength finder sharing sessions. 

What team building activities is your team implementing?

Shared by: Hayley Monsma, Production Artist

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