June 2020

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Mental Health | Team Collaboration | Political Advertisements

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“Sorry, I have a walk scheduled then”

A walk has been my saving grace during COVID. When the walls are closing in on me in my one-bedroom apartment I can step outside to clear my head and seize the day. This article describes the importance of a walk, especially during the pandemic. It’s the kind of mental break that many of us need to improve mental health and productivity at work.

Read about why walks are crucial to the workday.

Shared by: Hayley Monsma, Production Artist

Is your team’s virtual collaboration working?

Companies likely have been working remotely for several months. It’s time for a check-in to see if how you are collaborating with your team is the right way to get the creative output you need. Your bottom line depends on it. You’ll need to make sure you understand your team, have developed the right processes, created an organized approach, and employed the right technologies to keep things chugging along smoothly.

Is your team working together effectively?

Shared by: Audrey Wilcox, Senior Project Manager

Facebook will let users opt-out of political advertisements

As many are aware, the next political race has begun for the highest office in the United States. With Election Day quickly approaching, Facebook is taking steps to give its users the option to opt-out of political ads for the 2020 election.

Learn how to opt-out of political ads this season.

Shared by: Kendall Bird, Social Media Manager

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