May 2020

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Team Productivity | Quarantine Hobbies | Successful Leadership

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6 Ways To Keep Your Remote Team Aligned And Productive, According To Expert IT Project Manager

During this time of remote working, clear communication has become more important than ever. Visual cues and casual follow-up questions are not organically happening the way they would normally. It is more important than ever to ensure the message you intend to convey is received by your team. I liked the best practices described in this article not just for remote working, but for any time. Assuming people know what you know is a common mistake that causes a lot of frustration amongst teams. Short, sweet, and clear direction in emails is always appreciated. Keeping these six practices in mind can improve your effectiveness as a communicator and help set your team up for success.

Learn how you can keep your team aligned and productive.

Shared by: Tracy McCrory, Senior Project Manager 

I spent 3 weeks of quarantine trying to learn something new. Here’s what happened.

Being quarantined in my home like most people across the country, I’ve been struggling to find new ways to entertain myself other than binge-watching Netflix or going on endless walks around the neighborhood. It can feel like we’re stuck in a never-ending rerun of the movie Groundhog Day. In this article from Fast Company, Joe Berkowitz explores ways of self-improvement through diving into a series of online courses to varying degrees of success, while helping to learn not only about himself but also the vast world of online resources we have at our disposal.

See how one person learned three new hobbies during the quarantine.

Shared by: Donnie Potter, Vice President of Digital

What Drug Addicts and Great Leaders Have in Common

Branding expert Donald Miller interviews Michael Brody-Waite, a former drug addict turned successful business owner, to discuss some key traits to being a successful leader. The startling title is what caught my attention. It was a great lesson in striving to be vulnerable, completely authentic, and competent.

Listen to this podcast episode.

Shared by: Heidi Pfau, Account Supervisor

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