April 2020: Part 3

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Emoji Communications | Digital Projects | Social Distancing

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Join us each week for a roundup of creative and marketing news from our team to you. We’ll give a short summary of the news, and if you’d like, you can take a look at the full article for more information straight from the source. Our goal is to bring you entertaining and helpful news that may inspire you to do something different.

Use Emojis in Work Communication, Say Psychologists

A U.K. psychologist recommends using emojis in work communication. Emojis can help make up for the missing 93 percent of communication cues when messaging online. By using emojis they can help the reader decode the tone of your emails. They say that because so much of humanity has been forced into isolation by the coronavirus and is now talking exclusively online, 93 percent of usual communication cues are not being used. To make up for this, use emojis.

Learn about the use of emojis in everyday communications.

Shared by: Brynn Daniels, Account Manager

What is “Discovery” in web and app development?

The role of exploratory questions, research, and auditing can’t be overstated—especially in digital projects. It takes a lot of planning to launch a product that looks great, is intuitive to use, and drives strong ROI for the client. As a bonus, doing something right the first time is more cost-effective than making fixes post-launch.

Read about why discovery work is crucial to project success.

Shared by: Tim Karlberg, Director of Digital Marketing

How Ohio Crafted the Perfect Visualization of Why Social Distancing Works

The Ohio Department of Health created a PSA to show how social distancing can halt the spread of this latest coronavirus. The 30-second spot uses dozens of mousetraps and ping-pong balls as a metaphor for how the virus spreads like a chain reaction among humans.

Watch the visually interesting video on why social distancing works.

Shared by: Mike Dobies, Executive Creative Director

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