April 2020: Part 1

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Creative Ads | Media Monitoring | B2B Elements of Value

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Join us each week for a roundup of creative and marketing news from our DKY team. Our goal is to bring you content that helps, inspires, or simply entertains. After each summary, click the link if you want more information straight from the source. 

For a World in Quarantine, Ikea Created a Simple Ad About Reconnecting with Your Home

Ikea is encouraging people to stay home and reconnect with their homes through a #StayHome campaign, created for the COVID-19 era. Here’s an ad produced in both Spanish and English. As we try to #FlattentheCurve of transmission, brands are trying creative ways to relate to their social-distancing audiences without appearing opportunistic.

Read about how you can connect with your home.

Shared by: Brynn Daniels, Account Manager

What Media Monitoring Tells Us About Coronavirus

The media monitoring company Lexus/Nexus has aggregated news articles about COVID-19 worldwide, providing a picture of the global conversation. Along with a trend chart of COVID cases, you can see a word cloud with the major themes of news coverage, almost in real time. Right now, health care professionals, legislation, and sports and recreation are big themes.

Read what media monitoring is telling us about Coronavirus.

Shared by: Holly Donato, Vice President of Content and Public Relations

The B2B Elements of Value

Harvard Business Review recently published “B2B Elements of Value,” which recognizes the full range of factors (40 in all!) that motivate business-to-business decision-makers. Emotional elements are usually associated with B2C audiences, but it turns out both rational and reactive emotions influence purchasing decisions by businesses, too. Tailoring your value proposition accordingly is critical to avoiding the commodity trap.

Learn more about the B2B Elements of Value.

Shared by: Joe Peterson, Vice President of Account Services

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