March 2020: Part 3

Collage of DKY staff having fun at Can Can Wonderland indoor amusement park

Viral Video | Product Ideas | Marketers Response to Coronavirus

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Join us each week for a roundup of creative and marketing news from our team to you. We’ll give a short summary of the news, and if you’d like, you can take a look at the full article for more information straight from the source. Our goal is to bring you entertaining and helpful news that may inspire you to do something different.

What the World Needs Now is Love

Students from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music created and produced a beautiful video through social distancing to showcase a popular song.

Shared by: Kendall Bird, Social Media Manager

Chicago Agency Execs Built a Takeout/Delivery Restaurant Directory That’s Catching on Nationwide

Chicago agency execs built a takeout/delivery restaurant directory that’s catching on nationwide. From lots of Twitter responses about forced closures of restaurants, folks wanted to know which of their favorite places had delivery and takeout. A product idea was born.

Read about how the Restaurant Directory works.

Shared by: Mike Dobies, Executive Creative Director

Tracking Marketers’ Response to Coronavirus 

During this uncertain time, it’s inspiring to see the humanity behind the brand. Leaders are stepping up to support employees and customers — even shifting their product line, in the case of Ford’s partnership with 3M — to provide what is needed most. People are coming together and supporting each other, demonstrating that at the core: businesses are simply people serving people. Kudos to the companies that are stepping up and doing what they can to make this situation easier on the community.

Read how marketers are responding to this unprecedented time.

Shared by: Tracy McCrory, Senior Project Manager

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