March 2020: Part 1

Mike Dobies, Heidi Pfau, and Audrey Wilcox enjoying a laugh while looking at a smartphone

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We are starting a new series on the DKY Blog, DKY Digest, a round-up of news from the world of marketing, advertising and PR outside of DKY’s walls. Each week, you’ll find articles, podcasts, blogs, and other content that’s recommended by our team. We hope the DKY Digest will entertain, help or inspire you! Let’s begin week one, March 2-6, with the following content.

Mumbai Traffic Police: #HonkResponsibly

Like problems, solutions know no boundaries. Good ideas can come from anywhere. Watch the Mumbai police solve a seemingly intractable problem with a brilliant piece of social engineering. The video is novel, high-tech, effective, and even fun.

Watch #HonkResponsibly.


Jif Settles the Great Debate with a GIF Peanut Butter Jar

Now we can finally all know the correct pronunciation of the animated looping images as Jif has settled the great debate with a GIF peanut butter jar.

Shared by: Naomi Long, Art Director


8 Popular WordPress Plugins Are Currently Being Exploited By Hackers

Whether your brand is using these specific WordPress plugins or not, this news is a good reminder to check the trustworthiness of your site’s add-ons. You can start today by asking your developer to audit any existing plugins on your site (WordPress or otherwise). Old and rarely-used plugins are a good place to begin. As always, make sure the technology you integrate with your website is backed by a trusted source.

Shared by: Tim Karlberg, Director of Digital Marketing

25 Best Colleges for Communications 2020

Holly Donato, our VP of Content and PR, is often asked, “What’s the best university to attend for a degree in Communications or PR?” Her answer: Metropolitan State University right here in Minneapolis. No better preparation for a career in PR anywhere. The program has just been rated #5 in the nation by “25 Best Colleges for Communication 2020”–right up there with Cornell and ahead of UCLA-Berkeley! The program has two nationally recognized professors and colleagues of Donatos in the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA): Rose McKinney, APR, Fellow PRSA, and Greg Zimprich, APR, Fellow PRSA. She has been fortunate to guest-speak in Rose’s PR class and has seen how deep, yet practical, her instruction is. Holly highly recommends the program!

Shared by: Holly Donato, Vice President of Content and PR

10 Unique Office Design Ideas

We spend 40+ hours a week in our workplaces. Investing time and energy into curating a space that is functional and esthetically pleasing is meaningful to employees, increases productivity and workflow. The article relays tips and tricks for creating a workplace that the reader wants to spend time in. It also breaks down some ideas for how to include your employees in the process allowing them to take ownership of the office space.

Shared by: Hayley Monsma, Production Artist

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