Grand National Rally 2017: A Family Reunion for Winnebago Owners

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Members of Winnebago’s WIT Club descended on Forest City’s rally grounds to celebrate their affection for the iconic brand’s motorhomes.

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Every summer, members of Winnebago’s WIT Club descend on Forest City, Iowa to celebrate their affection for the RV community, the RV lifestyle, and their Winnebago RVs. The nearly week-long agenda of social gatherings, concerts, games, seminars and other group activities is proof that these people are passionate about their life on the road and each other.

The event is called Grand National Rally (GNR). For a stretch of six days last month, approximately 1,400 WIT Club members rolled up in their Winnebago coaches, vans, and towables to help commemorate this year’s Vegas-inspired theme of “Welcome to Fabulous Winnebago.”

DKY produced a GNR highlight video documenting the busy days and nights that included:

  • Performance by country music artist Stephanie Quayle
  • Seminars (ranging from current products, to vendor products, to RV lifestyle information)
  • Craft and hobby classes
  • Youth program
  • Games
  • Winnebago product displays
  • Women on Wheels program
  • Factory tours and special building tours
  • Opportunity for service work at the Winnebago Customer Service facility
  • Entertainment throughout the week at a 3,000-seat amphitheater


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