Monthly Must Reads — May 2017

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If you only have time for a handful of marketing stories this month, start with these.

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You could spend your whole day—every day—reading about what’s happening in the world of digital marketing, and never get “up to speed.” When you factor in everything else competing for your time and attention, staying current with industry news often takes a back seat.

A Little Help, Please!

With that in mind, we’ve handpicked some articles worth a few minutes of your downtime. If you only have time for a handful of digital marketing stories this month, start with these.

Lens by Google Made a Splash at I/O This Month
The new app and software space is pretty crowded these days. It’s not easy to be memorable, even when launching something new. Google managed to garner a few oohs and ahhs earlier this month, however, when it demoed its forthcoming Lens program. Among other tricks, the tool will be able to “recognize text and objects from a picture or camera,” allowing users to identify objects by snapping a quick photo with their phone. How long until brands are scrambling to “optimize” the front of their buildings?

5 Strategies to Improve Your Ad Copy
This recent article from Search Engine Land spells out five simple ways to improve the copy of your ads, each one easy enough to implement today.

Hey, CMOs: Who Owns Your Brand?
This Marketing Land post is a powerful reminder—or wake up call, depending on where your brand is at this moment. Are you trying to own your brand where a stewardship role would be more effective? Chandar Pattabhiram encourages CMOs to “Define the tribe. Inspire the tribe. Empower the tribe.”

Your SMEs and Overcoming the Jackson 5 Effect
Daniel Burstein writes a compelling case for looking deeper within the brand’s SME ranks for worthy content contributors. The author teaches from a mistake he made often and early in his career, “always swinging for the fences, only focusing on writing to the most advanced members of our audience.”

Did We Miss a Good One?

If you’ve read a helpful digital marketing article that’s worth sharing with our readers, let us know. You can submit it here on our website, or let us know on Twitter.

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