DKY Meets Winnebago Owners from Around the Nation

RV with trailer and kayaks

Every summer, our team has the privilege of meeting our client’s customers in an especially fun and candid way.

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In marketing of any kind, actually meeting your client’s customers is a game-changer. DKY has always jumped at the opportunity to engage personally with our clients’ customers through one-on-one interviews, surveys and polls, and other means of conversation.

A prime example of this is Winnebago’s Grand National Rally (GNR) in Forest City, Iowa. Every July our team has the privilege of meeting our client’s end users in an especially fun and candid way.

The massive gathering of Winnebago owners and their prized vehicles is held on the Winnebago Rally Grounds adjacent to the very buildings where many of these RVs were built. This year’s theme, “Many Borders, No Boundaries,” drew its inspiration from the fact that owners from nearly all 48 contiguous states, plus Alaska, annually converge on one piece of land to celebrate their common love of the famous motorhome.

The sweltering heat-wave of 2016 didn’t stop rally-goers from catching up with old friends, attending classes, seminars, and shows, and competing in friendly games.

And members of the DKY team were there to mix and meet with these raving fans. We spent five days on site interacting with Winnebago owners, videotaping product feature videos and attending seminars. We also documented factory tours and collaborated with other Winnebago marketing partners.

This in-depth face time exposed us firsthand to the customer opinions likely to shape Winnebago’s future. The important insights we gained will help us guide and enhance Winnebago’s marketing strategy for years to come.

In true DKY spirit, however, our team also made time for a little R&R. In addition to the many meet-and-greets, we had the chance to help judge state row decorations, and we even found time to squeeze in a round of golf nearby.


This Winnebago owner from Texas, a former oil worker, was proud to display his hand-carved aluminum hard hat.




It wasn’t all fun and games; DKY was on hand to record a tour of the factory where Winnebago builds its Class B touring coaches.




Every summer hundreds of loyal Winnebago owners descend upon Forest City in their motorhomes, both old and new.



The DKY crew found some time to hit the golf course adjacent to the Rally Grounds.

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