The Secret to Great Partnerships

What are the essentials when you’re looking to establish great partnerships?

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If great partnerships are essential in business, then what are the essentials when you are looking to establish great partnerships? Derek Jeter shared some thoughts on the subject in a recent AdWeek interview about his post-baseball startup The Players’ Tribune:

“We want to work with companies who get what we are trying to do, and also want to work with us to create something special. Throughout my career, it was important to me to work with brands that are authentic to me. It’s also about relationships. …I’ve worked with a lot of great companies over the years that not only supported me on the field but supported my foundation…and have continued even after I retired. That’s what I mean in terms of building relationships.”

Want to build great relationships and partnerships?

Alignment – Look for people and organizations that you connect with – that “get” what you’re trying to do.

Excellence – Partner with people and organizations who are committed to doing something special – who aren’t satisfied with status quo.

Authenticity – Work with people who are genuine, organizations who demonstrate they will walk the talk.

Commitment – When the excitement and newness fades, or when difficulty comes, who will still be there fighting the good fight?

Jeter speaks from experience, and his approach has served him well. The challenge for me extends beyond looking for great partnerships like this. Being a partner like this is the most important step.

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