A high performance website is no longer optional.

Update or replace your website and technology for optimal performance.

Your website is the digital hub of your business. It is the primary gateway for people to access information about the products and services you sell. Because of this, your website should guide them down the right path to learn why your offering is the best solution for their individual needs. Simple, right? Not exactly.

Think of your website as your home. You want to invite guests to it, have them feel welcomed, entertained, informed, refreshed, and interested in returning. Therefore, how guests navigate through the house (UX/UI), how you structure the rooms (content), the language and tone you use (messaging), and how you decorate it (branding), all matter. This is where DKY’s expertise comes in.

Discovery + Scope

Before starting on a website redesign, we’ll assess if the right foundational elements are in place to build your site. We’ll then take you through a structured discovery process to learn more about your goals, target audience and budgets. We’ll determine what’s working and what needs to be overhauled. Then we’ll give you a plan, process and path forward.

Design + Build

We know that a collaborative approach leads to successful outcomes. With your ownership of key decisions based on our recommendations, we can avoid costly surprises. Our team of talented specialists create a strategic, integrated experience that is suited specifically to meet your goals and fulfill your customers’ needs. DKY design-build services include:

  • Information architecture
  • UX/UI design
  • Front-end design
  • Content production
  • Project management
  • Back-end development
  • Content load
  • Digital strategy
  • Systems integration

Monitor + Improve

Once your site successfully launches, we realize our work is just getting started. We then re-evaluate your site based on key performance indicators and look for opportunities to refine and enhance your offering, making sure that it not only looks and performs well, but that customers know how to find it and continue to stay engaged.

Dig a Little Deeper

Elevate your website

If you’re looking to create or modernize your website, DKY can help create an online experience that grows your business and brand.