DKY Website Design Process

The most successful digital projects begin with a smart, dependable process. DKY’s digital team guides our clients through this journey, shouldering the heavy lifts and making tough decisions easier for Marketing Leaders.

DKY Digital Process

Each new project begins with a discovery phase, which is where some of our most intensive research and planning takes place. During this phase, we’ll complete tasks like:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment
  • Audit of the existing website
  • Defining the project’s objectives and requirements
  • Identify your audiences (personas) and all of their touch points (customer journey maps)
  • High level planning of content and information structure

From there, we move into the production and deployment phase. With our assessment and planning now complete, it’s time to take that valuable information and actively apply it to the project.  In this stage, we’ll execute on things like:

  • Collection and organization of assets
  • Sitemaps and wireframing
  • Tool and technology set-up/configuration
  • Design system creation
  • Content population
  • Beta testing
  • Final content adjustments
  • Quality assurance (QA)

In the final phase, we’ll conduct our post-launch work. Even though the project’s heavy lifting is now behind us, this critical period immediately following the launch allows us to confirm that everything is working as designed, smooth over any unexpected wrinkles, and recognize the work that’s been done. This phase includes final steps such as:

  • The post-launch assessment
  • A performance review
  • And of course, the celebration of your project’s completion
  • Refine, enhance, repeat…

Our approach is data-driven and allows us to build a robust, fully-integrated digital strategy that is personalized to you and your specific goals, customer base, service offerings, KPIs, outreach channels, and go-to-market strategy.

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