Craig Claeys: Serve people is my favorite DKY value

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This month for DKY’s Ring True Spotlight Series, we’re featuring Craig Claeys, a senior art director and valued member of DKY’s creative team for 23 years.

Craig is responsible for the artistic development of marketing and promotional pieces, including print and digital ad campaigns, collateral materials, and internal and external corporate publications. He’s also frequently called upon for his photography skills.

How does your role help support clients?

I collaborate with our team to create work that effectively tells our clients’ stories. As an art director, I draw on research and experience to solve design problems and ensure that the creative elements are on-strategy and maintain a high standard.

What is your favorite aspect of working at DKY?

I enjoy all of it, but my favorite is art-directing photo shoots, or shooting events and portraits myself. In February 2022, I photographed the Chris-Craft Boat manufacturing facility and team in Sarasota, Florida. The shoot and post-production refining the photos was a rewarding experience.

What has been your most memorable project at DKY?

There have been a lot of fun projects, but one stands out as a unique opportunity. I designed cycling jerseys and bib shorts for James and Stef Adinaro of The Fit RV team. James is a certified coach and racer for USA Cycling and Stef is a fitness coach.

What trends or changes are you seeing in the marketing industry?

AI is becoming more prevalent in everyday software, and its finding its way into a number of creative fields like illustration/art, music and writing. There’s also discussion about “emotion AI” (affective computing) using artificial intelligence to detect and interpret emotional signals from consumers. It will be interesting to see what develops on this front despite it being a little disconcerting as well.

DKY has six core values. Which one is your favorite? 1) Step Up, 2) Deliver Excellence, 3) Be Trustworthy, 4) Serve People, 5) Work Generously, 6) Spread Joy.

“Serve people” is my favorite. The kindness and mutual respect that the DKY team has for each other and our clients is awesome. It’s valued by everyone at the agency.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I love making Neapolitan pizza in my wood-fired Ooni. I’m a bird-nerd. (My wife, daughter and I have matching binoculars.) I’ve listed 130 species in the last couple years. I have a bunch of instruments – none of which I would succeed with as a busker. Currently, I’m focused on my Gold Tone BG-150F pre-WWII-style banjo – trying to learn Celtic tunes. I also suffer from “Tsundoku” by buying more books than I can read.

What is your dream vacation?

Renting a place in Barcelona’s city center to check out tapas restaurants, watch a few Barça matches and get in on the De Cajón Festival to listen to flamenco guitarists.

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