Hayley Monsma: Be a sponge…there is always something new to learn

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Hayley Monsma

DKY is not your typical brand communications agency. Our mascot is a squirrel. We live and thrive in the bold North. We are unassuming and loyal, sometimes to a fault. We are DKY.

At the end of the workday, what makes working at DKY more than a job comes down to two things: people and purpose. In our Ring True Spotlight series, you’ll get to know more about who we are and the purpose that drives us.

Please meet Hayley Monsma, who has been a production artist at DKY for two years.

Please describe your primary responsibilities and day-to-day work at DKY.

In my production role, I support web, social, and print projects for Winnebago, ADM and other clients.

What has been your favorite or most memorable project at DKY?

Helping launch the configure price quote tool (CPQ) for Winnebago has been my most memorable project. I was part of a small team that pulled together all of the content and loaded it to optimize the shopping tool. It was a huge lift. CPQ helps Winnebago customers visualize and build their dream RV. I was thankful to play a part in helping it come together.

What is your favorite aspect of working at DKY?

The people. We have hardworking, intelligent clients. It’s been great to be part of protecting and elevating their brands. Not to mention team DKY is a group of kind and down-to-earth humans. I have really enjoyed learning from our wide variety of industry experts.

What is one fun fact about you?

When I had braces as a kid, I was a good whistler. Once my braces were off, I could no longer whistle and haven’t been able to since that time.

What trends or changes are you seeing in the marketing industry?

COVID has had a major impact on our industry. With a lot of people still working remotely, there is a greater emphasis on technology. Tools are being developed to support virtual events, remote product launches, online trainings and more.

We have five core values at DKY. Which ones resonate with you?

My two favorites are Live Generously and Spread Joy. It’s easy to find a job that is mundane and life-less. By embracing a “live generously and spread joy” attitude, I am enjoying each day working at DKY.

How do you live out DKY’s mission: “We Help Good People Build Brands of Great Impact?”

I live out DKY’s mission by being intentional with my work and completing it with a smile on my face.

What advice would you give to a new graduate who is looking to start a marketing career?

Be a sponge! Marketing is a diverse career and there is always something new to learn.

What is your dream vacation?

Take me to Italy! One day I would love to eat and hike my way through Italy with my husband Jake.

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