February 2021

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Power of Blog Branding | Tips for Virtual Event Planning | Moonwalk Camera

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Join us each month for a roundup of creative and marketing content that caught our team’s attention. We’ll provide a short summary of the findings and a link for more information straight from the sources. Our goal is to bring you entertaining and helpful news, insights and visuals that may inspire you to try a new tactic or approach your work in a different way.

Sender Beats Subject Line: The Power of Blog Branding

Source: American Marketing Association Shared by: Sarah Gallus, Senior Project Manager

Successful blog content requires more than just a catchy headline filled with emotional words (click-bate anyone?). The headline cannot be divorced from other relevant, and equally important aspects: the author, the typography, the image, how relevant the topic is in today’s world and sharing insights with readers. Publishers should be just as concerned about the quality of the content and their brand voice as they are about crafting a punchy headline.

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The strategy behind a blog is so important. Those who take the time and effort to define their brand and brand voice, and consistently offer quality content, will reap the rewards. As a project manager, I should allow for the time and effort needed to complete an overall blog/brand content strategy when building timelines and schedules.


How Did 2 Super Bowl Ads End Up With the Same Stock Footage?

Source: Muse Shared by: Mike Dobies, Executive Creative Director, Partner

Two first-time Super Bowl advertisers, Guaranteed Rate and Indeed, ended up using the same video footage in their respective TV spots. The b-roll video clip was licensed, but in neither case exclusively through the stock company. Super Bowl spots don’t usually use stock footage, but it’s understandable this year due to Covid-related production issues.

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Anytime marketers want to use stock photography or videography, there is always a risk that it will be used by other marketers, including competitors. This can happen more often with royalty-free assets versus licensed ones. The safest bet for marketers is to use their own custom photography and videography and avoid the issue altogether.


3 Tips for Planning a Successful Virtual Event in 2021

Source: dBusiness Shared by: Heidi Pfau, Account Supervisor

This short-and-sweet article reminds us of the high-level, but crucial things to remember when planning a virtual event. Dedicate as much time and planning to a virtual event as you would an in-person event; invite the audience to be active attendees vs. passive viewers; tailor your post-event communications to each customer or prospect.

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We’re undoubtedly in some form of virtual gatherings for the long haul and may never fully see a return to “normal” events. It would be wise to embrace and make the best of virtual events, connecting with and providing the same, or more, value to customers than before.


Moonwalk Camera Launch Film

Source: Expedition Studios Shared by: Naomi Long, Art Director

I was inspired by this backstory from Expedition Studios on capturing a shot of a lifetime: walking on the moon. It shows the challenges and hard work that goes behind getting stunning images that leave us speechless.

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The piece shows the incredible dedicated work ethic behind the stunning imagery.

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