DKY Memories of 6009 Penn Avenue South

Stylized photo of old DKY office with letters "DKY" screened on top

After 25 years, DKY has moved from our first home at 6009 Penn Avenue South in Minneapolis to a temporary office space in Eden Prairie.

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After 25 years, DKY has moved from our first home at 6009 Penn Avenue South in Minneapolis to a temporary office space in Eden Prairie. We are on the search for a permanent place that will enable our team to grow and start a new chapter.

But before we get too far down the road, our employees shared some of their favorite memories and moments in the original office — along with several photos that celebrate the hard work, collaboration, learning and fun that makes being part of the DKY family special:

“I have great memories of the Penn office as a backdrop for meetings of every kind. We hosted many client project discussions, presentations and workshops. There were countless DKY team meetings – impromptu huddles, staff social gatherings and all agency meetings. There were family gatherings – birthday parties, baby showers, Bible study groups and community group meetings. The common thread is wonderful people sharing work and life together. For me, the DKY Penn Avenue office is where we came together.” – Brian Dahl, President.

“Many fond memories come to mind. The Thanksgiving potluck was my first big team event at DKY. The common area was beautifully decorated and everyone put such care and thought into their dishes. It was obvious I was joining a team that has a great culture and cares deeply for one another. 6009 Penn Ave. S. was such a warm place to work — it felt more like a home than an office!” – Tracy McCrory, Senior Project Manager.

“One of the things that I’ll miss the most about that office is the neighborhood. My daily lunch walks were short, but I got to know the surrounding streets and a few neighbors over the years. I’ll miss you, Armatage.” – Tim Karlberg, Director of Digital Marketing.

“One of my favorite memories at DKY’s Penn location was as an intern. We were having a staff BBQ and my job was to man the grill with my friend and fellow intern Maddy Dobies. It was a great summer gig.” – Hayley Monsma, Production Artist.

“Our son’s birthday was soon approaching, and we asked him what he wanted to do for a party. He said right away he wanted to have a party in the basement of DKY. He was so pumped about it. At the time, we had finished remodeling the basement and it had a variety of games (ping pong, pool, darts, and basketball pop-a-shot game). I realized the space must be pretty cool if young teenage boys wanted to hang out there. Over time, our family would go on weekend nights, make popcorn in the machine, and watch a movie on the screen projector. In addition, I helped lead a summer ministry for college students to gather each week. The space was warm, comfortable, fun and just a great place to relax, eat, talk and enjoy being together.” – Mike Dobies, Executive Creative Director.

“I have great memories of sharing an office at 6009 Penn with Dan Domagala. We became a solid team on client work, but it was also great to share the many ups and downs of our families and offer mutual wisdom and support. I’ll miss co-officing with Dan!” – Holly Donato, VP of Content and Public Relations.

“I will miss my desk-mate, Craig’s antics, and always remember the baby shower my amazing coworkers threw me when I had my first baby.” – Naomi Long, Art Director.

“I have fond memories of conducting impromptu brainstorm sessions over a spirited game of table tennis. The game always seemed to get the creative and competitive juices flowing.” – Dan Domagala, Account Supervisor.

“The DKY family never passes up an opportunity to celebrate the big life moments of its employees. They generously hosted wedding and baby showers in the DKY creative space, and the cherry on top was Lori’s homemade cakes and cupcakes for each occasion.” – Heidi Pfau, Account Supervisor.

“Strangely, I will not miss the physical building, but I will miss the memories of past DKYers who I had the pleasure of collaborating with, laughing with, and at times struggling with, all so we could deliver the next great concept for our clients. There is nothing I will cherish more than the memories we made and the hard-fought battles waged, and the valuable lessons learned together with the truly remarkable individuals who called 6009 Penn Ave. S. home for 8 to 10 hours a day, Monday through Friday each and every week.” – Donnie Potter, VP of Interactive.

“Although I was only there for a short amount of time, many fun memories come to mind when thinking of DKY’s Penn Ave. office, including the Thanksgiving Potluck, Christmas cookie bakeoff and the over-the-desk banter we all had in the open space. The neighborhood was also a beautiful place to explore and walk during lunch breaks. I am looking forward to wherever we are off to next and will always cherish the time I had at 6009 Penn.” – Kendall Bird, Social Media Manager.

“As the last “new” team member to work out of 6009 Penn Ave., my fondest memories are onboarding with Holly during the first week, Deb’s constant help, invading Tom’s desk, bugging Mark and sitting amongst empty spaces and packing boxes. Despite the usual start to my new role, it was obvious from day one, this is a smart, collaborative and kind team.” – Katie Fitzpatrick, Director of Content and Public Relations.

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