A Tribute to the DKY Moms

Photo collage of the moms of DKY: Holly Donato, Naomi Long, Heidi Pfau, Lori Sjoquist, Debra Vergin, Val Waligoski, and Audrey Wilcox, celebrating Mother's Day

Those who are parents at DKY go above and beyond to diligently love their families. Today, I offer up a tribute to the DKY moms.

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Over the past several months, I have had the distinct pleasure of observing and learning from the individuals who collectively make DKY a dream team. As the youngest squirrel in the DKY nest, I am grateful to be part of a community that strives to serve its clients with excellence. We work hard in the office. But, those who are parents at DKY go above and beyond to diligently love their families. Today, I offer up a tribute to the DKY moms.

Let me begin by sharing that our DKY staff is full of some of the coolest moms around. Not many kiddos can boast that their mom is a hip graphic designer, a podcast-host extraordinaire, or an event planning guru. The moms at this agency are downright awesome. They know how to proof brochures, balance the books, edit images, serve clients, cook awesome meals, organize data, and design logos like nobody else. In honor of Mothers’ Day I’d like to share some of the ways I see the DKY moms demonstrating how to be remarkable mothers.

Whenever Lori’s eldest is in the office it is obvious – joy and laughter abound. Lori thoroughly enjoys friendship with her kids and it shows. Her commitment to supporting them in each exciting new season is admirable. She has taught me that a fundamental part of motherhood is laughing (sometimes until you are gasping for air) with your children.

Deb is the queen of championing others. She does a wonderful job of cheering on her kids through words and actions. You will only hear support and admiration from her lips when she talks about her children and grandchildren. Deb has shown me the significance of holding your kids in high regard in front of other people.

Naomi is the glowing mother of the sweetest baby you’ll ever see. When I say glowing, I’m not exaggerating. Her love for her precious little one exudes any time someone asks about her. She is realistic about the challenges of caring for a newborn but does so with grace. Her example has taught me the importance of delighting in who your kids are.

I have admired Holly’s ability to identify specific areas where she can offer support during the phases of her kids’ lives, all while respecting their boundaries as adults. She has demonstrated the importance of anticipating ways to care for your kids – no matter their age. I have appreciated Holly’s example of being a dependable, but not overbearing support system to her kids.

As a mother, Val is marked by compassion, resilience, and hope. No matter the circumstances facing her family, she endeavors to remain calm and collected. Val has taught me the importance of encouraging your kids to take a deep breath and take the next step forward. She has also impressed upon me that acknowledging your children’s victories, big or small, makes a large impact in their future.

Audrey is about to turn the page of being a mom into having all adult children. She simultaneously supports her kids and encourages their independence. She has reminded me that parents and kids might not always see eye to eye on everything and that is okay! I appreciate Audrey’s creative and positive spirit and know that those qualities have helped her be an outstanding mother.

Heidi is the brave mother of two boys under four years old. I am in awe of her ability to remain calm when life throws her unexpected turns. She handles each challenge with an incredible sense of elegance and calm. Heidi loves her little guys fiercely and they know it. Her example has stressed to me the significance of teamwork coupled with patience in parenting.

Happy Mothers’ day, DKY moms! You are exemplar moms and delightful coworkers. This month we celebrate you!

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