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In Introduction to Permission-Based Emailing

What is email marketing?

Marketing a brand’s products, services, and news via email is one of digital marketing’s oldest tactics.  But even among its emerging rivals, this form of marketing continues to be leveraged by many of the most trusted, successful brands today. In fact, you may have a few examples in your inbox right now.

How can you be successful at email marketing?

For most of its history, effective email marketing relied heavily on just two things: big lists and impactful messages. But best practices (and the laws that govern email) have changed significantly in recent years. Modern email marketing campaigns—the kind that get delivered and opened—start with lists that are:

  • Built on trust (permission-based opt-in, easy opt-out)
  • Highly relevant (users know what content they’ll receive and how often)
  • Carefully-groomed (opt-outs, bounces, and complaints are scrubbed in real-time)

Great creative, combined with a foundation built on these fundamentals, is what drives the best performing campaigns.

Where does email fit in your marketing strategy?

While building a big, healthy list the right way takes time, you can start contacting your subscribers right away—even if it’s just a few. In that sense, email marketing requires a long-term strategy, but can be used for on-demand deployment.

There are few up-front costs, and a variety of platforms for brands of all sizes, making this channel an easy one to bring into your larger strategy.

How will you know if your email marketing is working?

Metrics to watch include deliverability rate, open rate, click rate, bounces, and conversions from email. If your campaign open and click rates are higher than 22% and 3%, respectively, you’re above average (cross-industry).

While it may be tempting to gauge your success by the size of your email list, it’s better to view its growth over the long haul. A list built slowly but organically will outperform a purchased or borrowed list, while keeping your brand in the good graces of your recipients.

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