How Do Marketing Agencies Charge for Services?

benefit vs cost

Our bottom line philosophy is to deliver maximum value by keeping the relationship lean and focused on delivering a return on investment.

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There are a wide range of compensation models that agencies practice, including retainer, project and performance-based. Our goal at DKY has always been to keep the financial relationship as straightforward as possible. Some of the traditional models can tilt toward the agency from a cost-benefit standpoint. This didn’t make sense to us, so we set a different path.

Here is the basic framework of our estimating/billing model: the DKY ProtainerTM:

  • We charge a flat hourly rate for services
  • Projects and campaigns are estimated up-front and presented for approval
  • DKY will stand by an approved estimate, unless the scope of work changes; in that case a revised estimate will be provided for approval
  • Many outside production and media costs (printing, postage, click fees, etc.) are billed direct to the client, saving an agency markup

The DKY Protainer is designed to deliver maximum value by keeping the financial relationship lean and accountable to return on investment.

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