A New Year, A New Home for DKY

DKY office wall

We’re thrilled to announce DKY has renovated and moved into a larger office located at 4950 W. 78th Street in Bloomington, which was formerly occupied by a high-speed interface hardware company. After a two-year planning process with Kenwood Commercial, the updated space supports our agency’s budding growth and long-term business goals.

It’s good to be back together in a new, inviting space after being apart for so long. We wanted to make the transition back to the office as seamless as possible, and this building achieves that by providing flexibility for our team do their best work.

Our updated, 12,000-square-foot building gives our 30 staff members, including full-time, part-time, and key contractors, a modern, spacious environment that facilitates both team collaboration and ample space to work independently. Upon entering the building, visitors walk into a large gathering space, that includes a lounge area with a cozy gas fireplace, an open kitchen set-up, and a café-style sitting area for meals.

The renovated office includes three conference rooms named after well-known Minnesota lakes – Superior, Vermillion, and Itasca. Each conference room is equipped with the latest technology to accommodate a combination of in-person and remote meetings.

For staff workspaces, there is a combination of private offices and open-office work areas designed to foster collaboration and creativity. Hoteling workstations are also available to accommodate clients and remote staff when they travel into the office.

In a nod to our long-time mascot, one area of the office has been themed “the squirrels’ nest,” where more than two dozen squirrel figures are busy climbing, exploring, and repelling from the walls and rafters.

Another concerted effort in our new space was bringing our creative team together to do what they do best – design, build, create – in a large creative lab.

“We were eager to connect our creative team in a collaborative space, so they can brainstorm, draw inspiration from each other, and have some fun,” said Mike Dobies, executive creative director and partner at DKY.

Throughout the office, DKY’s distinctive brand colors, style, and character are integrated in unique ways. Window wraps and a dedicated brand wall point to the agency’s “Ring True” motto that’s focused on helping good people build brands of great impact.

After outgrowing our first office located on Penn Avenue in Minneapolis for 25 years, we moved to a temporary space in Eden Prairie in August 2020. The space offered a transition period for staff to work in the office while the majority worked from home.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, DKY is growing and actively hiring to keep up with business demand. The agency serves clients in multiple sectors, including four core verticals: DKY Ag, DKY B2B, DKY Faith, and DKY Outdoors. Notably, 10 percent of our business is dedicated to serving faith-based non-profits.

We are happy to be in our new home and invite you to visit us in the new year. Happy holidays.

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