Introducing Products to Market During and After COVID

Behind the scenes photo of video interview of Winnebago interview with RV assembly plant in background

The new year usually means the dialing up of shows and events to showcase all that’s new for various brands and their respective products and initiatives. Learn more about DKY’s recent virtual event work with Winnebago.

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Now that we’ve closed the chapter on a year that most of us would like to write-off or simply forget altogether, we also turn the corner and start a new season that is traditionally filled with “shows and events.”

Industry and consumer trade shows, dealer meetings, sales meetings, you name it…the new year usually means the dialing up of shows and events to showcase all that’s new for various brands and their respective products and initiatives.

For DKY’s client Winnebago, they were ahead of the game. The Winnebago 2020 Virtual Product Launch (VPL) debuted in November and previewed all of the new RV models and features for the 2021 season. The complete effort involved pre-show outreach to build anticipation and drive traffic, an event website to house specific content, and a plethora of newly produced product and lifestyle videos to highlight the unique features and advancements made to each model.

DKY led the charge in creative direction, production planning and model content for the VPL while aligning with other agency partners on video production and event promotion. The 2020 VPL was a strategic way to pivot and refresh our approach to bringing more content – and more engagement – to the market.

You can view the Winnebago event at

While the show circuit for 2021 is still uncharted territory, some shows like the Florida RV Supershow are sticking to their plans, and Winnebago will be in attendance. But what about other outdoor enthusiast categories?

The International Motorcycle Show (IMS) has adjusted in two ways for COVID-19 restrictions. First, they are pushing out their show dates. Many of the nationwide circuit of shows that traditionally begin in January, will now start in June 2021. In addition, the typical indoor format is now moving to outdoor venues. The benefits of these changes are twofold: 1) the later dates will likely ensure vaccines have made an impact, and 2) the outdoor venues provide greater opportunities for customers to experience outdoor products in their element.

Whether the typical shows that you leverage for your products and brand happen as scheduled, get pushed out or perhaps get cancelled, consider the viability, efficiency, and impact of hosting or attending a virtual event.

The benefits of broader reach and longer content lifespan can result in expanded lead generation opportunities. Not to mention the considerable savings of not shipping displays and products, or having staff travel to and from the venue, are considerable.

When it comes to lead generation, a simple word of caution: make sure you’re ready. Have a robust plan in place to channel, respond to and nurture those leads. If there’s one downfall to virtual events, it’s the inability for customers to see and touch your products. However, if you have the right lead management design and system in place, you can migrate those leads to the necessary outlet where they can actually see the product in person. This is a critical element to any virtual program or initiative.

Wondering how you will get your brand and products to market during and after COVID, and if going virtual is right for you? At DKY, we have the experience, as well as the production, technical and promotional capabilities to help you determine what’s the best course of action to promote your brand and products at both virtual and in-person events.

To learn more about DKY’s vast event work, feel free to contact us.

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