Celebrating Last Year This Year

Intense foosball game with DKYers Dan Domagala, Bobbi Iversrud, Val Waligoski, and Donnie Potter at Punch Bowl Social

December is the month for company Christmas parties. Traditionally that is when DKY has celebrated. However 2018 broke the tradition. We moved the company outing to last week. And it was a winter blast.

One DKY tradition is the annual gift card draw which, like most DKY social events, involves competition. Each person, in random order, gets to choose from a selection of restaurant and retail gift cards. Anyone can, however, steal a card from someone else. Thefts can happen up to three times per card until it’s retired with the final possessor. Do office friends turn on one another to steal a gift card? You betcha.

After the last gift card was claimed it was on to Punch Bowl Social for a delicious combo of pasta, beverages and games. In two hours time Team Blue won the 8-person foosball tournament, Val won the wall-sized Scrabble game, and there were friendly rounds of corn hole and ping-pong. Did we mention there was karaoke?

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