DKY Partners Set SAIL in Orlando

Ship in the waves

Constant change in marketing means we must constantly learn—attending the SAIL conference is one way we do that.

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Each March, the DKY partners attend an agency owners conference called SAIL (Small Agency Idea Lab) at a Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando. It’s an action-packed, two-day conference with timely, relevant industry presentations. Round table discussions allow members to share ideas about what’s working and not working in their agency and on behalf of their clients.

Topics This Year

As you know, the pace of change in marketing is breathtaking. SAIL addresses today’s hot marketing issues and offers insights into future industry developments. Topics this year included:

  • Applying new facial recognition technologies in ad testing
  • Uncovering the benefits of merging offline and online data
  • Discovering how to embrace process to move at the speed of today’s business
  • Discussing how to monetize intellectual property assets
  • Exploring the benefits of incentives for team members.

Without question, the DKY partners walk away each year excited with what we heard, learned and discussed. As a result, we aim to implement one strategic idea either into our business practice or on behalf of the work we do for clients. Since our industry is all about strategic thinking and creative ideas, the SAIL conference brings a fresh wind of creativity into our agency sails. It helps us be better at what we do.

What Does This Mean for You?

We are committed to elevating the health, power and value of your brand. By staying ahead of marketing technologies and trends, we simply can offer you more strategic firepower to help your brand succeed. Constant change in marketing means we must constantly learn. Attending the SAIL conference is one way we do that.

DKY is a member of the Second Wind Network, an organization of small and mid-sized advertising and design agencies that serves thousands of agency owners, principals and key managers. Founded in 1988, Second Wind is a thought leader and innovator to the advertising and marketing community, dedicated to helping members and users “be better.” Second Wind serves advertising, graphic design, public relations, interactive and marketing firms across the US, Canada and internationally.

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