DKY Expansion: New Faces, Added Capabilities

Peterson Probst Acquired by Marketing Agency DKY of Minneapolis

Acquisition of Peterson|Probst adds database, direct, and loyalty marketing to DKY in-house services.

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We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Minneapolis firm Peterson|Probst. The purchase, effective October 1, extends DKY’s capabilities in database, direct, and loyalty marketing—and adds some pretty great people to the Squirrel Nest.

The move grew out of 12 years of DKY and Peterson|Probst serving Winnebago, our shared client, side-by-side. Recent discussions about how to deliver better-integrated strategy and service for Winnebago progressed quickly to merger talks.

“The new, combined team is in the best interest of all our clients,” said Brian Dahl, DKY’s President. “In the digital age, the disciplines of marketing are merging and require stronger integration at all levels. The addition of the exceptional people and capabilities from PetersonIProbst is an exciting boost that our clients will definitely appreciate.”


Moving Peterson|Probst’s expertise in-house gives DKY not only direct-marketing, data and fulfillment services, but also sophisticated analytics into customer journey, purchase behavior, and segmentation.

“We’ll be able to dive deeper into customer engagement, which helps us get smarter and more targeted with marketing programs,” Dahl said.

The deal continues DKY’s growth following the addition in July of public relations and content marketing to its offerings. Through this expansion, DKY will continue its culture of providing senior-level marketing experience without the added burden of agency bureaucracy.


Peterson|Probst staff, along with co-founders and principals Joe Peterson and Tom Probst, will be supporting Winnebago as well as other DKY accounts.

“Since launching Peterson|Probst in 2004,” said Probst, “we’ve built a successful marketing practice that we’re proud of, particularly with Winnebago as one of our legacy accounts. This acquisition is the right next step for our team. We’re very excited about what we can do as part of DKY.”

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