Mission + Vision

Since DKY was founded in 1994, we set out to be a place where great work gets done in an environment that puts people first. No spotlight chasing. No complicated structures. No pretense. We come to work each day to make a difference in the world with like-minded people.

Our Mission 

We help good people build brands of great impact.

Our Values

  • Step Up – Find a way to meet the challenge
  • Deliver Excellence – Don’t just check the box, ring the bell
  • Be Trustworthy – Always do the right thing
  • Serve People – Treat everyone with kindness and respect
  • Work Generously – Give more than you take
  • Spread Joy – Infuse your work with optimism and fun

Brands of Great Impact are Born Here

DKY’s people bring a diverse set of skills to every new client partnership. Let’s build something great together.