Lead Your Communications Strategy With Confidence

Unlock hidden potential in your marketing mix by refining your Communications Plan.

While most marketing leaders agree that thoughtful planning is an essential practice, many don’t follow through. Why? Because we are too busy chasing tactical projects and deadlines to give planning the time and attention it requires. 

If you’re ready to break the cycle of reactive marketing, DKY can guide your team through a proven process to create a Communications Plan that will pay huge dividends:

  • Infuse new ideas and approaches
  • Eliminate time and resources waste
  • Energize and engage your team
  • Demonstrate clear value and ROI
  • Build momentum for your brand

DKY’s Communications Planning Process

  1. Review & Analyze – Conduct a deep-dive audit of current tactics, tools and brand assets. DKY specialists will work with your team to understand what’s working best and uncover untapped opportunities.
  2. Build Objectives – Align your communications strategy to marketing and business objectives. Document and prioritize the specific results that define failure and success.
  3. Design the Plan – Your approach should never be finished. Protect what’s working, but recalibrate what’s plateaued. Pilot new ideas and eliminate the bottom performers. Always work toward better.    
  4. Activate & Measure – Create clear roles and responsibilities for each component of the Plan. Build a performance scorecard; regularly meet to review progress and make adjustments along the way.

Plan for impact

DKY has helped dozens of marketing professionals move from chasing deadlines to leading transformation. It’s never too late to build a Communications Plan that flat-out delivers.

To get started, call or email DKY.