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Helping an Established Ministry Shine Brighter

WorkLight encourages and equips Christians to shine the light of Christ in their workplaces.

Christians in Commerce (CIC), an established workplace ministry with local chapters across the country, was looking to update its ministry model, expand its member base, and create a more modern brand.

Building off a strong legacy of effective ministry, CIC leadership was seeking a fresh approach to better serve a younger workforce and evolving workplace culture. The result of their work was a Board-led vision for renewal, restructuring and rebranding.

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The starting point of any organization pursuing significant change is to gain a clear and current understanding of its customers. CIC conducted a primary research study of its constituents to establish a foundation for the ministry and brand strategy.

With these fresh audience insights, DKY conducted a brand development workshop with the CIC team to build engagement and alignment among the ministry’s key stakeholders.

Organizational objectives were discussed, including mission, vision, ministry model and brand strategy. The workshop group also built an updated SWOT analysis, target audience personas, and collectively identified rational and emotional benefits of the ministry.

Following this team session, DKY developed a framework for a new CIC brand strategy – including message architecture and brand promise options. After some feedback from CIC leadership, several brand concepts were tested with key target audience groups, ultimately leading to an approved brand architecture that was validated by both internal and external audiences.

A New Brand Emerges

With the approved brand strategy in place, DKY started the process of exploring options for a new name and brand identity.

The word “commerce” was out of step with the ministry since it implied its resources were only for workers who are in office-based professions. CIC wanted a more expansive name that represented a full spectrum of workers; inclusive of people in healthcare, hospitality, education, industrial and manufacturing industries to name a few.

As a faith-based non-profit, it was also important for the new name to reflect the Christian faith as a core element. Additionally, it was critical that the new name have an available web domain.

DKY brainstormed a long list of options, and worked with CIC to winnow the list until landing on a name that garnered considerable support when tested – WorkLight. It aptly captured the spirit of uniting Christians to shine bright in their workplaces. DKY also concepted and designed a new logo that brought a modern, inviting expression of the ministry to life – inviting Christians to reflect the “light of Christ” in their workplaces.

Public Launch

Initial feedback during the ministry’s annual fall conference was overwhelmingly positive. To help prepare the new name for its public launch, DKY created graphic design standards, a visual library, social media posts, email marketing assets, a newsletter design, marketing collateral, event promotional materials, and a new website in


As part of the leadership initiative to revamp the ministry, it was crucial to not alienate longstanding, current members while creating a fresh new vision – one that would capture excitement and enthusiasm to reach the next generation. Organizational objectives to the project were to:

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity and Design
  • Newsletter and Collateral Design
  • Website UX/UI, Site Map and Design
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Socila Media Assets



  • Support chapters and help grow participation
  • Attract new,  younger members
  • Promote content via a fresh brand experience
  • Reflect a modern workplace aesthetic
  • Stay true to the ministry’s mission and values
WorkLight logo

DKY did what we couldn’t do alone: translate our new vision into a clear brand strategy that will take us to the next level. The entire organization is energized.

Steve B., WorkLight

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DKY’s charge was to help the ministry and “show” better than it did. The goal was to create a new brand expression that reflected the essence of the ministry vision in the context of a modern workplace.

The project was a collaborative effort involving members of CIC’s Board, ministry leadership, and workplace participants, in partnership with the DKY team. In the end, the new brand exceeded our client’s goals and will serve the organization for years to come.


Core ministry leaders enthusiastically embraced the new WorkLight brand


  • A new ministry name and brand was built and launched for a longstanding, faith-based non-profit
  • Feedback and support for the change was garnered at a key event of over 75 leaders
  • A phased roll-out plan was developed to introduce the new brand in a strategic and cost effective way
  • Fundamental changes to core ministry elements were implemented to align with the new brand vision

ministry names brainstormed


logo concepts designed  


new name and brand identity system launched