Grain Marketing Guidance for On-the-Go Farmers

ADM partnered with DKY to create a new podcast series called In the Driver’s Seat. Each episode covers insights that can help impact a grower’s bottom line.

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“DKY provided us a creative custom solution that was a complete game-changer for our company.”

Doug R., ADM

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Together ADM and DKY have recorded more than 40 episodes and the momentum continues in 2021 with steady listenership. ADM has become a regular part of many farmers’ days through In the Driver’s Seat, opt-in emails and social media. Over the past year, social media has given the podcast an extra boost of awareness and activity with growers.

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Podcast: In the Driver’s Seat

During the first year (2018 to 2019), the number of podcast plays grew 291%.

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Social Media

From 2020 to 2021, engagement on the ADM Farmer Services Facebook page grew 285% and increased on its Twitter account by 417% — key channels for sharing new podcast episodes and content.

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Digital Marketing

Web traffic from marketing emails to the podcast page on has increased 94% year-over-year.


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